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Spa Packages

We've combined some of your favorite services to make shopping EASY!

Oceans Classic Spa Packages

Spa-cation - $190

*swedish massage
*spa facial
*spa pedicure

~60 minute each

Beach Bliss - $130

*Swedish Massage
*Spa Facial

~60 minute each

Oceans Escape - $105

*swedish massage *refresher facial

~30 minute each

Refresh Package - $85

*Swedish Massage ~45 minute
*Body Polish ~30 minute

Beach Bliss$140.00
Oceans Escape Package$115.00
Refresh Package$90.00

Holiday Spa Packages

Choose from relaxing packages to treat yourself or a special someone!

Relaxing Spa...liday

Indulge in these 3 blissful services to relax the body, mind & spirit! This package includes a massage, facial & pedicure ~ 60 minutes each.

Holiday Package: Relaxing Spa...liday$190.00

Winter Bliss

Come in from the cold & unwind with these two favorites! - Oceans combo massage & spa facial ~ 60 minutes each.

Holiday Package: Winter Bliss$140.00

Holiday Escape

Enjoy head to toe relaxation! Massage, facial & reflexology ~ 30 minutes each.

Holiday Package: Holiday Escape$115.00


Celebrate the season... spa style! Massage & body polish ~ 45 minutes each.

Holiday Package: Spa...Lalalala$90.00

Holiday Escape Package

30 Minute Swedish
30 Minute Refresher Facial
30 Minute Reflexology

90 minutes$115.00


60 Minute Swedish
60 Minute Spa Facial
60 Minute Pedicure

3 hours$190.00

Specialty Massage

momma massage

massage for expectant mothers. Performed by certified staff

60 minutes$70.00

hot rocks

soothing deep heat massage using warm, smooth river rocks

70 minutes$95.00

cool stones (for headache)

cooled marble stones & essential oils are used in a specific sequence to alleviate allergy related headaches,tension headaches and even migraines

30 minutes$50.00

arthritis massage

a relaxing massage with special attention to joints using heat & topical treatments

60 minutes$65.00


starts with dry brushing to exfoliate skin & followed by massage using essential oils

70 minutes$85.00


specialized massage for the athlete in training or those who are involved in a work-out routine

60 minutes$80.00

deep tissue massage

deeper pressure & specific trigger point work is applied to the musle tissue for more effective relief

90 minutes$125.00
60 minutes$95.00


swedish classic

relaxing massage

30 minutes$45.00
45 minutes$60.00
60 minutes$70.00
90 minutes$95.00

oceans combo

our unique combination of relaxation & deep tissue work just where you need it

30 minutes$50.00
45 minutes$70.00
60 minutes$80.00
90 minutes$105.00

neck & shoulder

massage that focuses on your specific problem areas

30 minutes$45.00

tables for 2

relaxing massage for two. Great for couples, mother/daughter, friends.

60 minutes$135.00

tables for 2 combo

therapeutic massage for two. Great for couples, mother/daughter or friends.

60 minutes$155.00

Beyond Massage

steam shower

this relaxing steam is the perfect compliment to massage services. (Available only at the Broadway location)

with service$5.00

bath soaks

indulge in a warm whirlpool bath as a warm up to your massage or the perfect ending (At our Quaker location only)

20 minutes$20.00


points on the feet are worked to relieve tension & pain in various parts of the body. So relaxing & efffective.

30 minutes$40.00
60 minutes$65.00

scalp melt massage

the ultimat scalp massage uses oils and conditioners specially formulated for hair & scalp. Relaxing & rejuvenating!

20 minutes$20.00

raindrop therapy

feel the healing powers of essential oils in this treatment

60 minutes$65.00


brings harmony & flow effecting the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual balance

60 minutes$65.00

aromatouch technique

a wonderful treat using essential oils

20 minutes$25.00


healthy glow body polish

aromatic essential oils blended with sugar or salt based exfoliants are applied to the body to polish the skin leaving it smooth & glowing!

30 minutes$40.00

warm salt glow

warm salts & oils give skin a smooth glow

30 minutes$35.00

fragrant sugar scrub

the scent of fresh fruits, herbs & nuts mixed in a smooth sugar cream for a wonderful exfoliant

30 minutes$35.00

hungarian mud wrap

wrap up & detox in this cinnamon infused mud from Hungary’s thermal spring lakes

45 minutes$50.00

polish & hydrate wrap

choose your body polish then hydrating body butter is applied & you’re wrapped in warm blankets for moisturized, soft skin

45 minutes$45.00

30 Minute Body Scrub

30 Minute Body Scrub

30 minutesComplimentary


Oceans exclusively uses Eminence Organic Skincare. This Award winning skincare line originates in Hungary and is certified Organic in both Europe & the USA. Treat yourself to the luscious nutrients of fruits, flowers, herbs, and vegetables that are Eminence! Smells good, feels good, and good for your skin! A facial you won't soon forget!

refresher facial

the basics: cleanser. exfoliant, masque,neck and shoulder massage, eye cream, toner, moisturizer

30 minutes$45.00

spa facial

cleanser, exfoliant or peel, steam, extractions, masque, arm hand & facial massage, eye cream, serum, toner, and moisturizer

60 minutes$70.00

oceans signature facial

all the steps of the spa facial but with the added bonus of a neck massage and the eye & lip treatments

60 minutes$85.00

the ultimate facial

cleanser, exfoliant /peel, steam, extractions, 2 masques, hand, arm & facial massage, eye & lip treatment, serum, toner, and moisturizer

90 minutes$95.00

skincare for the back

like a facial for the back! Includes cleanser, scrub, steam, extractions, mud or clay masque & refreshing toner

45 minutes$50.00

lip treatment

lips are exfoliated using organic fruit enzymes, shea butter & avocado oil lip masque is applied & finish with a citrus lip balm.

15 minutes$15.00

eye treatment

eyes are exfoliated with organic naseberry treatment, a raspberry masque is applied, finish with herbal eye cream.

15 minutes$15.00

Skin Rejuvenation with LED Light Facial

uses low & high frequencies of a hand held LED light to increase cell production & improves skin’s elasticity & tone. Very soothing treatment that begins with a cleanser and serum and ends with a moisturizer.
Does not cause redness, no down time required.

1 treatment$40.00
series of 6$200.00


skin is cleansed, waxed with either hard or soft wax & then soothed using aloe & moisturizers.

Includes: brow, lip, cheeks, chin, underarm, bikini, legs, back


10 minutes$15.00


5 minutes$15.00


15 minutes$15.00

full face

45 minutes$50.00

full legs

45 to 60 min.$80.00

half legs

30 to 45 min.$60.00


30 to 45 min.$60.00


20 minutes$40.00


30 to 40 min.$40.00


20 minutes$30.00


color tinting for the lashes or brows


20 minutes$15.00


10 minutes$15.00


-All nail services use SpaRitual elixirs & laquers. SpaRitual polishes are free of DBP, formaldehyde & toluene

oceans essential manicure

a quick manicure that includes all the basics & finishes with polish

30 minutes$25.00

oceans spa manicure

trimming, cuticle removal, shaping, filing & polishing

60 minutes$40.00


nails are cleaned, shaped & polished

Polish change$15.00
shellac removal$10.00
French Polish$5.00

oceans essential pedicure

trimming, cuticle removal, shaping, foot exfoliation, masque, massage & polish

60 minutes$60.00
French Polish$65.00

oceans cloud 9 pedicure

trimming, cuticle removal, shaping, foot exfoliation, masque, massage & polish, hot towels and foot & leg massage massage.

90 minutes$75.00
French Polish$80.00